Phone Redirect

Depositit Phone Re-Direct Service

In the event of an emergency a dedicated professional service centre will handle all incoming calls so you don't miss any orders and customers remain able to be in contact with you.

If your office phones are suddenly unavailable for any reason, such as cables being cut, VOIP systems going down or you/staff are cut off from the office (Rail strikes, terrorism, held up overseas), a dedicated professional service centre will handle all incoming calls so you don't miss any orders and customers remain able to be in contact with you.

You can choose to have the service team handle your calls, divert calls to you, take messages and SMS or email you contact details of all callers so you can get in touch.

When your phone lines go down, your business will continue as normal with Depositit's Phone Re-direct service!


  1. When you take this service from Depositit, we will send you a Welcome email that contains a registration link.

  2. Register your details & receive your 'call divert' telephone number. The line would remain dormant until you needed to route calls in an emergency. You would supply your call handling instructions initially and these would be used in the event.

  3. You will have the full back up of a remote desk which can handle your inbound calls as if in-house. Callers may be transferred on speed dial to any number of landlines or mobiles. Failing a live transfer, the caller can be patched to a personal voicemail or a message taken & sent by email/sms.

If you have any questions or wish to put in place a constant virtual telephone answering service please email us and we will call you back.


  1. This service is provided by Messagemail, not Depositit who are acting as agents for Messagemail.
  2. Discounted activation of the service via and paid to Depositit costs £29.00 + vat.
  3. When the virtual messaging service is required it will be charged for directly by Messagemail at a rate of £75.00 + vat for the first day or part thereof and £100.00 + vat for each subsequent day or part thereof (a day being midnight to midnight).
  4. The daily charge of £100.00 + vat allows for the receipt of 100 phone calls each day. Additional calls over and beyond the 100 in any 24 hour period will cost £1.00 + vat per call.
  5. Claiming back costs: It might be possible to recover these costs via your Insurance policy and we strongly recommend that you speak with your broker or insurance provider to ensure you have the appropriate cover/policy in place to cover any costs that may be incurred.
  6. In order to use the service you will need to route your calls to the new number, for flexibility in doing this we suggest BT�s Smart Divert*.
  7. Messagemail Terms and Conditions for their complete virtual telephone answering service can be found at:

IMPORTANT: If the service has not been activated prior to an emergency this will at best delay or at worst result in no continuity. Activation includes supplying your call handling instructions and setting up diversion with your telecom supplier.

*You will need to have your calls routed to the off-site switchboard number. This can be done manually if you are able to gain access to your premises and your main handset or controlled remotely if your office is inaccessible. Either way, you will need Call Diversion facilities set up on your line. We recommend a remote facility to give you added peace of mind. BT call this service 'Smart Divert' and other line providers will also offer the service. If you have a maintained switch and switchboard, you will need to detail your requirement to your maintainer as there may be additional pre-programming required.


Thank you for your prompt and excellent support, you saved me a lot of time.

- NH Financial Solutions Company, UK

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