The Easy Way to Backup Your NAS drive

Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are popular. They can double up as 'company server', 'data backup' and provide 'file sharing', allowing employee's secure access to company data.

NAS drives provide a local backup for company data, however this data must also be backed up and saved offsite to ensure full compliance and assured business continuity. After all if the premises is broken into or there is a fire or flood, both the main machine and the NAS drive AND ALL THE DATA will be at risk unless this data has been saved off-site.

Depositit NAS Backup System allows you to do this very easily and automatically.

How it works?

1. Set up the NAS drive in the normal way on your office network

2. Install our NAS Backup software on one of your PC's and now the files from both the PC and NAS drive can be automatically backed up and saved off-site for you each day. The Depositit support team can help set up the backup system for you, this is a free service and takes under 10 minutes.

Be in touch to Trial the system

Call directly on 0845 1200 510 or email us for a Free Trial and to discuss using or reselling Depositit NAS backups today.



As a cloud storage reseller I am very impressed with Depositit's prompt and friendly customer support.

- DS Technologies

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