Depositit Business Continuity Solutions

Depositit Business Continuity Solutions ensure companies continue trading throughout any crisis!

What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery as it is sometimes called is the ability to continue running your company with as minimal downtime or disruption as possible in the event of an emergency.

As well as good business practice, more and more banks and insurance companies are demanding to see their customers have a compliant Business Continuity Plan in place.

Why think about Business Continuity?

Small and large scales emergencies occur every single day, and the level of impact they have on your business depends on processes you have put in place to protect yourself.

If you have a tested process in place, you will reduce downtime and remain profitable!

Such crisis might include your Internet going down (for just a few minutes to days!), phone lines being cut through, mobile phone being lost/stolen/damaged, power failure, flooding, snow, fire, theft, computer viruses and system errors, key staff members being injured or leaving.

Depositit Business Continuity Tools

Depositit has been developing compliant Business Continuity tools since 1999 and our solutions have always been secure, reliable, easy to use and low cost. They are always created with our customer’s in mind and to make life easier with minimum effort.

Computer Backup: We believe the most critical element for most businesses is Computer Data. Without data most businesses would close down!

Depositit online data backup is the most stable, robust and intuitive service available in the UK and will automatically backup your files, databases, scanned documents and emails every day, including SQL and Exchange servers all the way down to sub mailbox level.

Depositit online data backupwill get your files back quickly for you, listen to one of our clients describe her company's loss of data and the Depositit retrieval process:

Access to Key Information: Depositit Business SAFE provides the fastest way to find your information.

Whether you need your bank details, a copy of your insurance certificate, the IMEI number of your mobile phone that's just been stolen or details of a trade supplier – within seconds you can locate this information and what’s more you can access it from your ipad, tablet, mobile phone or any other device from wherever you are in the world.

Depositit Business SAFE is truly amazing and could be a life saver!

Communicate in a Crisis: Depositit Emergency ALERT is the quickest way to let your suppliers, staff or customers know of a crisis that might prevent you from dealing with their request.

If your phone lines or website have gone down or access to your premises has been blocked (riots, snow, flood), whatever the emergency, you can quickly inform whomever you need in a single instance and provide alternative contact information to ensure you can keep working amidst any chaos!

Depositit Emergency ALERT service keeps companies running!

Keep answering calls, no matter what: Depositit Phone REDIRECT is the certain way to ensure every phone call is answered during any crisis period.

If your phone lines are cut, or a power failure takes out your VOIP connection, or a marketing campaign goes out of control, or you find yourself stuck overseas. A simple process allows you to divert all calls through to a professional messaging service you who will instantly start answering the phone under your name ensuring no business is lost!

Depositit Phone REDIRECT ensures your calls are always answered and business continues.

In Conclusion

Depositit can assist with additional services such as compliance checks, office relocation, IT Support and Business Continuity Planning.

Our compliant services take just minutes to set up and will save you hours and possibly days of stress, worry and lost revenue.

There will always be emergencies, and Depositit will always be here to help you through them.

To use, set up or resell Depositit Business Continuity Services, please contact us today!


'Meet compliant backup regulations using Depositit's online backup and business continuity services'

- Fisher Group

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