Protect your business against Ransomware and Cyber Extortion

What is Ransomware? It is a Virus infected file (sometimes known as malware or Trojan) normally received via email and when the infected file is opened it will encrypt the information on your computer and hold your data to ransom until you have paid what they ask which is typically between $200-$600.

You may also hear the phrase 'DDoS attack' whereby a database is hacked into and a ransom demanded to prevent the attacker from disclosing details from the database.

How will I know if I've been hit? You will probably not be able to access any of your files and a message will normally flash up on screen advising that you have xxx days/hours to pay the ransom and get the code (key) that will give you back access to your files (you may need the help of an IT company to assist).

Should I pay? There's no guarantee once you've paid that you will get the key and also this is extortion or blackmail and security services tend to advise not paying these sorts of things. Also, if you pay they may ask for a 2nd and 3rd payment. However it is your data and if you have no other choice you may wish to pay and hope you receive the key. Often they will ask for payment in some form of electronic currency such as Bitcoin.

Will my insurance cover me? Only if you have taken out a specific cyber policy and it has this element written into it. If you have, your insurer may provide some financial cover and support negotiations but even if you are covered, how long can you afford to be without your data and there are no guarantees even if paid that you will get your information back!


1. Be vigilant and do not open any emails or attachments you don't recognise.

2. Ensure your anti virus is up to date.

3. BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. Make sure you have a reliable BACKUP SYSTEM in place.

BACKING UP is the only true safeguard that will fully ensure you have an up to date copy of your data available. This will minimise downtime as you can restore a clean copy of your files from your backup and will save you time, money and is the only guarantee you can rely on.

Depositit business continuity systems provides the ultimate backup to help protect against ransomware and cyber extortion

Call directly on 0845 1200 510 or email us for a Free Trial and to discuss using or reselling Depositit anti ransomware and cyber extortion backup protection today


As a cloud storage reseller I am very impressed with Depositit's prompt and friendly customer support.

- DS Technologies

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