Exchange Backup

When you backup your Exchange server, is it this simple ....?

Register for an account, select individual Mailboxes from your Exchange server and these will backup automatically everyday.

Depositit offers the easiest and most convenient way for you to backup Exchange Servers!

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Great flexibility, CHOOSE to backup whatever you want...

EXAMPLE, a company with 18 users wanted to only save their 18 individual 'Contacts' folders and back these up online. This flexibility means that all 18 files are uploaded each night within minutes and the data compresses to just a few hundred mb's. At any time, any one of the 18 'Contacts' folders can be quickly restored in .pst format.

RECOVER a Single Email!

Restoring Mailboxes is very simple with the Depositit Exchange backup system, each item is individually and automatically extracted to .pst format which allows you to quickly recover any lost data down to single email level!

The .pst file can be restored to any computer so you can be up and running within minutes, using a laptop if required.

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Very intuitive to use, your service is exemplary

- FS Services

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