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Online Backup is the Easiest and Safest way to Protect Your Computer Files.

What is Computer Backup?
Computer backup is when you make a copy of the files on your computer.

WHY Backup?
The one thing guaranteed about any computer is that at some point the hard drive will die. Before this happens you may change machines and you will definitely lose files either accidentally or via some form of corruption. Other dangers include, fire, flooding and theft, especially when using a laptop. When you have a copy of your computer files, none of these risks matter too much, as you can easily recover any lost information.

Depositit online data backup will get your files back quickly for you, listen to one of our clients describe her company's loss of data and the Depositit retrieval process:

What to backup?
It is recommended that you backup any files that you would be lost without. For a business these would tend to be critical database files, back office management system files, emails, scanned documents, pdfís, presentations, invoices etc.

How best to backup?
There are many ways to keep a copy of your computer files, although these boil down to two ways: Manual Backups and Automatic Backups.

Manual backups involve purchasing some hardware or media such as a Tape drive or External hard drive or using CDís or DVDís. Every day you would select the files you wish to backup and save it onto the Media device. The information should be encrypted and stored safely off-site. The process should be repeated every day.

The issues with these methods arise when files are not encrypted and the media is lost or stolen. Also, as itís a manual process it can often be forgotten and neglected, especially if the person responsible is busy, sick or on holiday. Also when working from home, it can be difficult to store the backup safely in another location.

Online backups involve installing special software on your computer, laptop or server and this software runs the backup automatically so you don't have to remember or spend any time doing it yourself.

Furthermore, in addition to carrying out the backups automatically, the data is also fully encrypted and saved securely off-site, away from harm so when anything happens to any of your files or your computers onsite, you will always be able to restore a copy of your files from the secure off-site location.

How does Online Backup work?
The way online backup works is by creating a secure, private tunnel between the computer which holds the backup software and the data centres which will store the files. The data is transferred securely between the two, via the Internet and every day the software on the computer searches for any new or changed files that you have amended or created and sends these through the gateway where they are then received and stored on the servers at the data centre.

To see this in more detail, click here to view a quick video demo

Online backup solutions are very easy to set up and are much safer than manual backups due to the automation, built in encryption, and off-site storage.

Further benefits of using online backup can be found here

Itís important to note that you do not require any technical experience to use online backup. Most online backup companies will offer help in setting up the software, which normally takes a few minutes, and many users are able to manage on their own or with minimum assistance.


'Your service has a very professional, yet personal feel, which is reassuring'

- Fisher Group

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