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Cyber attacks are increasing and the most common to affect small business is 'ransomware'. This is where someone clicks on what they believe is an innocent link in an email which triggers code to infect the entire system, blocking access to all computer files unless a payment is made!

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... even if you pay the ransom, they are unlikely to unlock things! Why should they? If you pay, they know you will probably pay again making you a multiple target for them! What can you do if they don't give you access? You don't know who or where they are and even if you did ... what would you do?

These are not innocent kids or hackers looking to make a few pounds - this is understood to be perpetrated by organised gangs who are likely involved in other criminal activity.

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IT IS EXTORTION, plain and simple ...

... and it's up 300% in the last year and rising fast. Give your business a chance and speak with us today.

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